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Welcome to our Catering Menu

For all of our corporate lunches, parties, weddings, special and large events. The menu below is typically what we will serve at these events. So go ahead and start building your menu for your upcoming party.

We have a minimum of $500 for Caterings. *Catering menu can be customized if requested.

Your choice of any sandwich below comes with our signature fresh-cut fries, and a bottled water.

Kiddie Cheeser

-toasted white bread with American cheese

Classic Cheeser

-toasted white bread with American and cheddar cheese

Ham & Cheese

-toasted white bread with ham, American and cheddar cheese

Turkey Cheeser

-toasted white bread with turkey, American and cheddar cheese

Ham & Swiss Cheeser

-toasted white bread with ham and swiss cheese

Pesto Cheeser

-toasted white bread with pesto sauce, provolone and mozzarella cheese

Dill Grill Cheeser

-toasted white bread with pickles, American and cheddar cheese

Jalapeno Cheeser

-toasted white bread with jalepenos, pepper jack and cheddar cheese